However careful you are sometimes accidents happen, especially on the race course. We can repair anything from a small knock to a big crunch. 

We are experienced in repairing wood, FRP, Epoxy foam sandwich and carbon hulls. We do our best to have you back on the water as quickly as possible. We also talk to hull manufacturers to get the best match possible on all our gel coat repairs.


We are approved with all major insurers.

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If your boat is in need of a refurbishment we are here to help.

Sometimes more than a touch it is needed and a full make over is due. In our workshop we have full spraying facilities that allow us to renew varnish and paint jobs, breathing new life into your pride and joy.


Recently we did a full re-varnish on an old wooden Merlin, as well as bring it up to date with a new carbon rig, sail’s and fittings. This extensive project has secured the future of an old treasured boat for years to come.


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Custom Projects

Custom Fitout

Gingerboats is also able to cater for your individual needs for your boat, including one off custom items.
We have recently developed carbon reinforced protection for through deck sheeting slots (help protect those wooden decks). We produced a set of our carbon inserts for Mike Senior, here's what he had to say:


"The quality of the workmanship is second to none. Considering these are the prototypes and the only information Phil went off was my measuring skills, it shows the quality of the design and build qualities of Gingerboats. They fitted perfectly. Extremely good value!"

Mike Senior

Gingerboats can offer a custom fit out on new and old boats.

Discussion with top sailors means we have the knowledge to help you personalise your boat set up. Whether it’s a quick rig tune or a complete re-rig, we have the experience to help you gert the best out of your boat.

Recent jobs including refit of a Merlin rocket, fittings update on a GP14 and the fit out of brand new GP14's & Optimist's.

We are also able to supply fittings should you want to do the job yourself.