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Our GP14 hull shape has been optimised for ultimate performance using the latest in computer aided design (CAD) and all of the boat building tooling has been produced using computer controlled (CNC) machinery. Every panel is CNC cut and assembled in our jig enabling us to provide an accurate and fast hull shape every time. ​The hulls are finished and fitted out to the highest standard. We have a range of design options and every hull is custom built to order. All hulls have through deck sheeting, contrasting hardwood layout, rotary cut sapelle decks, curved transom coaming and other unique features.

Racing and cruising options are available.


Bare hulls from £3600

Complete boats from £10,495


Full price list avalaible upon request.



Our composite and wooden solo hulls are built with the same precision and quality that can been seen  in our GP14's.


Our composite boats feature an epoxy foam sandwich hull supplied by Ovington boats, it is then fitted out so it looks like a full wooden hull and is avaliable in either a rotary or tiger strip sapelle decks with contrasting hardwood finish.

Our wooden hulls are built to the same standard but feature an all ply hull built to the same fast shape as our composite hulls.


We can provide everything from bare hulls to complete boats.


Bare hulls from £3400

Complete boats from £6500


Full price list avalaible upon request.

Other boats

Gingerboats is constantly looking into new classes. We are currently in the process of developing jigs and tooling on CAD for other classes, current classes in the pipe line are

Wooden Mirror

Wooden Optimist

Wooden Enterprise

We are also able to fit out new and old boats from almost any class, including GRP/EPOXY boats from other manufactures.

Our ready-to-race dinghies come with Allen fittings as standard but are available in custom fit-outs to your own specification-simply get in touch to discuss your requirements.